1 Day Cape Tribbbin

We aim to give you the most time to enjoy beautiful Cape Tribulation. You’ll be visiting ancient rainforests, swimming in pristine creeks, lazing on tropical beaches and searching for saltwater crocodiles!

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Departs/Ends: Cairns. Open date tickets please give 14 days notice to book. All bookings MUST reconfirm and advise pick up location 48hrs in advance. Ph: 07 4033 6575 or from outside AU: + 61 7 4033 6575.   Cancellation Policy 100% Cancellation fee within 48 hours of travel


We go into this diverse wonderland seeking ancient dinosaurs like cassowaries and crocodiles while enjoying costal drives, Ferry rides, coconut tree lined tropical beaches and swimming in pristine rainforest rivers.


Day 1 : Cape Tribbb Day Tour
Uncle Brian’s has been sharing rainforest and waterfall experiences with amazing people for over two decades. The combination of music, food, fun and breathtaking natural history has made us who we are. Your driver is as excited to be on the tour as you will be and they do it because they love showing off their backyard. Port Douglas: First stop is Port Douglas… Here we’ll stop for a walk and swim at the famous 4 mile beach, enjoy some morning tea and get to know each other! Crocs!: On the way there or the way back (depending on the tides) we go looking for the famous and scary saltwater crocodiles in the wild! Rare Wildlife & Ancient Rainforest: We cross the Daintree River on the ferry, then hit the wild side of the road and drive through some of the oldest rainforests in the world!. No time to mess around….let’s try and find a cassowary (dinosaur bird….very rare but very possible). Lunch and Beach Time: Grab some food and head for the beach….free time is on the cards! Swimming: After lunch you will have the chance to enjoy a swim in freshwater tropical streams!!! Beautiful Lookouts: Time to head home via two very beautiful lookouts and enjoy some tunes as we head back into civilisation….
Meals :Lunch


Departing 7 days a week

Departs Cairns at 7.00am – 7.30am and returns at 6.00pm-6.30pm

Departs Cairns CBD