The Whitsundays Archipelago is made up of 74 islands off the coast of Queensland. Several means are available to you to visit these paradisiacal islands: cruise, flyover, jet-ski, etc. They are incredibly beautiful and are of course one of the unmissable destinations in Australia! The turquoise water of the Coral Sea, marine animals as well as landscapes worthy of a postcard, will make you dream!

Les activités

Cruise the Whitsundays

Experience an all-inclusive cruise in the Whitsundays. Choose to spend the day or one, two or three nights on board with an all-inclusive service.

Fly over the Great Barrier Reef

Enjoy a 60-minute flight over the famous heart-shaped coral, the “Heart Reef”, the Whitsunday islands and the Great Barrier Reef. On board, all passengers have their own window and can enjoy the breathtaking views.

Fly over the Great Barrier Reef in a helicopter

Enjoy a 60-minute helicopter scenic flight which includes all the best sites of the archipelago and the Great Barrier Reef.

Whitsundays Fly & Cruise package

To the delight of the undecided, this pack includes a flight over the Whitsundays and the Great Barrier Reef, followed by an all-day, all-inclusive cruise, on the Whitsundays. A full day itinerary which will showcase the best spots of the Whitsundays.

Skydive over the Whitsundays

Skydive over the turquoise waters and enjoy the spectacular views.

Jet Ski the Whitsundays

For adrenaline seekers, take the controls of your own jet ski and discover the beauty of the Whitsundays.

Les endroits à voir

Airlie Beach

Airlie Beach is the gateway to the Whitsundays and full of small restaurants, shops, bars and pubs to party.

Airlie Beach also has a landscaped artificial lagoon located on the main street, right on the waterfront. It is a pleasant place to relax and swim. Perfect for kids.

If you enjoy walking, take a leisurely stroll from Airlie Beach to Cannonvale along the waterfront. Over this 30 minute stroll, you’ll discover beautiful coves and stunning views of the sea.

Whitsundays Island

The largest Island in the Whitsundays is Whitsunday Island. This island is very popular for its lavish beach, Whitehaven Beach, which is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

Stretched over 7 km and lined with tropical vegetation, its sand is a dazzling white composed of 98% silica. Immerse yourself in its turquoise waters for a heavenly experience.

The contrast of pure white sand and the sparkling blue sea forms the most sublime shade of colour. Make sure to visit “Hill Inlet” viewpoint which will give you a magnificent view of Whitehaven Beach.

Hamilton Island

Hamilton Island (airport code HTI) is the main destination of this archipelago and many stars love to spend their holidays there. This luxurious island has its own airport, a fully equipped marina and a large choice of restaurants and accommodations.

Daydream Island

Daydream Island is one of the smaller islands in the Whitsundays. This island has a hotel, a restaurant, an outdoor cinema and an aquarium. This place is very popular with tourists for its pleasant beaches which are perfect for snorkelling.

Other islands: Border Island, Hook Island, Hayman Island and Long Island

The main other islands such as Border Island, Hook Island, Hayman Island or Long Island are among the best spots to explore underwater life. You can snorkel, admire the beautiful rainbow fish, the corals that line the seabed and also the sea turtles in a splendid setting.

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