Vans with roof tent

For an ideal road trip – in a group or with the family.

Are you more comfortable in a smaller, more compact and manoeuvrable vehicle, and want to be able to sleep amongst thousands of stars? Then the “pop-up” roof tent vans are made for you!

An option that remains cost effective and allows you to travel in pairs with more space, but also in groups of 3 or 4 thanks to the 2 double berths (one on the roof and the other inside).

Everything you need to travel independently, equipped with small kitchenette, fridge, stove, water tanks, etc.

Is this the right option for me?

In general, this option is for people travelling as a duo and wanting more space.

It also suits families and groups of friends who want to save money to spend towards activities on the East Coast (for which we can also advise you!).

This option offers the best of both worlds. You benefit from a compact vehicle that is easy to drive and easy to park. At the end of the day and in just a few minutes, you unfold your hotel room with a view… on countless stars.

Not to mention that it remains a very affordable option that is suitable for small and medium budgets.


✓ 4 seats (to share the rental costs)
✓ Low fuel consumption per kilometre
✓ The double berth allows you to sleep comfortably, which saves you accommodation costs

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