East Coast: Heaven on earth

The East Coast of Australia has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, tropical paradise, ancient forests, islands of a rare beauty and very charming cities like Brisbane. Everything is easily accessible and there are countless activities to do! The Whitsundays Islands are obviously the top destination in the region with 74 islands, each one more beautiful than the last. Byron Bay is a gorgeous little coastal city that beach lovers will enjoy, and Surfer Paradise will be the party destination. The East Coast is truly magical, whether it is Noosa’s natural pools, Fraser Island’s long beaches, the coral reef which extends thousands of kilometers or the tropical forests up North that are amongst the oldest in the world.

West: The explorer’s dream

Famous for its incredible beaches and its extremely large wild nature, the west coast of Australia is the dream destination for the fearless adventurers, wanting to explore a universe disconnected from the modern world, in harmony with nature.

Top End – Northern Territory: The national parks

At the very North of Australia’s Northern Territory is The Top End, which ends at the Cape York peninsula. The main city is Darwin, land of the saltwater and freshwater crocodiles, hundreds of bird species, and waterfalls in gorgeous parks such as Kakadu and Litchfield, two of the most beautiful national parks in Australia.

Victoria: The sophisticated south

Victoria, which biggest city is Melbourne, has an amazing seaside and offers an incredible exploring experience through its wild environment. It is also very culturally rich.

Named the “Europe of Australia”, Melbourne has a delightful architecture and a crazier nightlife than anywhere else in Australia. But Victoria has a lot more wonders to explore, starting with the Grand Ocean Road, Phillip Island, Daylesford Macedon Ranges as well as the Goldfields region.

Tasmanie: The fantastic island

So many things to do and to see on this magical little island! Go on an adventure in Tasmania to discover its historical sites, its beautiful little cities where you can eat fresh products and drink amazing wines. You will find gorgeous beaches and most importantly, the most beautiful mountains in Australia, such as the famous “Cradle Mountains”.

New Zealand: North Island & South Island

Admire the skyline of Auckland, Wellington or Christchurch and hang around the trendy cafés and restaurants. You’ll also be able to reach nearby islands by ferry in only 30 minutes, with pretty much no one around. Lakes, volcanos, rivers, forests… if you enjoy nature, you will for sure fall in love with this incredible island. You will be seduced by its landscape at first sight, the perfect combination of mountains and lakes. Dine with Maoris, get to see traditional dance, try rafting, climb glaciers, swim with dolphins, discover the famous village of the Hobbit… This is New-Zealand. Where the modernity of cities graciously cohabits with the colourful nature, sometimes wild but never hostile or harsh.