About us

Here, at SydneyFacile and Wanderlust Travel Co., travel is our life! We live and breathe travel 24/7. Our love for travel has made us one of the top players in Australia and New Zealand, in the Youth Market field. We’ve organised Road Trips for thousands of young travellers, and also very often, their visiting families as well!

We use our years of travel expertise to give you the best options in terms of activities, accommodation, transport and destinations throughout Australia, New Zealand and some parts of South East Asia too.

We’re your travel experts and we’re well known for our legendary service.

Whether it be for advice on van or car rentals, an unforgettable trip to Uluru or a skydive in the Whitsundays, we’re your expert One Stop Shop.

With us, travelling has never been easier!

Why choose us?

Your unique point of contact in Australia

We're one of Australia and New Zealand's top Backpacker's Travel Agencies and your absolute One Stop Shop for all your travel needs.

Your New Zealand and Australia travel experts

We're proud to say that we have 20 years of travel expertise on hand to help you plan the best experience of your life!
So kick back, relax and enjoy our 5-star service.

A very personal experience

This is all about you. We want you to have an awesome and magical time. We take time to listen to you to understand your requirement, your budget and to tailor an experience you will love.

Our team

Yan Martinez

Director and Co-Founder of SydneyFacile and Wanderlust Travel Co.
Yan is the Managing Director of the Sydney Office.
Together, with Mickael and their team, Yan brings on board over 20 years of travel expertise.

Mickaël Lechalier

Director and Co-Founder of SydneyFacile and Wanderlust Travel Co.
Mickael is the Managing Director of the Melbourne Office.
Together, with Yan and their team, Mickael brings on board unbeatable knowledge of the Australian continent, New-Zealand and South East Asia.
Mickael is an avid Bali lover!

Sam Duniaud

Sam is in charge of the Sydney Office. Absolutely passionate about travel, Sam preferred destinations are Uluru (in the Red Centre) and New Zealand.
Speak to Sam today and start planning your dream Road Trip!

Nico Deleau

Nico can't stop talking about the East Coast of Australia. He fav spot: Magnetic Island!
Nico has strong experience working on Banana farms in Tully and has travelled extensively whilst based in Queensland.
He's your East Coast Travel expert. Contact Nico today!